Full Name (unknown)
Actor/Actress Jean Stapleton
First Appearance Season 1 Episode 3
"I Wish I Were Gus"
Number of episodes 1
Relatives Daughter - Stacy
Sister - Marie
Nephews - Ray, Robert
Uncle - Gus
Brother-In-Law - Frank

Alda is Marie's sister in Everybody Loves Raymond. (They also have a cousin Teresa, who has cataracts. Alda also has a daughter, Stacy, who happens to be a 300-pound nutritionist. Neither Teresa nor Stacy are seen in the show, only mentioned in the episode "I Wish I Were Gus".)

As children, Alda enjoyed doing mean things to her sister Marie. She would often read Marie's diary, wear her clothes, steal her boyfriends, and put her dolls in "odd" poses. They have been butting heads all their lives.

As mentioned in the episode "I Wish I Were Gus", Marie apparently put Alda at a table far across the room at Ray and Debra's wedding. That incident is the main focus of the confrontation between the two sisters in the episode.

Episode AppearancesEdit

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