"Ally's F" is an episode of season 9 of Everybody Loves Raymond (show). After Ally Barone gets an F for maths, Ray Barone and Debra Barone speak to Ally's teacher to discuss her grade.

Plot Edit

Ally is on the phone with someone when Debra tells her to set the table. She hangs up. Ray comes home and Ally shows him her report card. She received an F for Maths and blames it on the teacher. Debra immediately takes the teacher's side while Ray takes Ally's side

They decide to speak to Ally's maths teacher, Mr. Putman, who says that Ally does not pay attention to maths.

Ally tells Debra that she has a crush on Tommy. Ray comes home and is upset that Ally is talking about boys. Suddenly, the phone rings. Ray answers the phone and puts it in the freezer.

Characters Edit

Ray Barone

Debra Barone

Ally Barone

Marie Barone

Frank Barone

Amy MacDougall Barone

Robert Barone

Mr. Putman


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