Frank's Tribute
Ray and Robert interviewing Abe in "Frank's Tribute"
Season 3
Episode 16
Air Date February 8, 1999
Cast Ray Romano
Director(s) Will Mackenzie
Writer(s) Eric Cohen
Preceded by Robert's Date
Followed by Cruising with Marie

Frank's Tribute is the 16th episode of Season 3, and is episode 63 of the full 210 episodes for the entire series. In this episode, Ray and Robert try to make a tribute to their father.

Episode InformationEdit


When Frank's lodge buddies vote him "Man of the Year", Ray and Robert have to give a tribute to him. So they decide to make a video.

Upon arriving at the lodge to interview the guys, Ray and Robert realize that the other lodge guys hate Frank. Since they couldn't get any kind words about him, they interviewed the lodge guys about chocolate and ended up heavily editing the video to make it seem like they were talking about Frank.

But when the short video is shown at the party, Frank is upset when it becomes evident that everybody hates him.

Running GagsEdit

When Garvin sees Ray, he raises his arms to cheer and says his famous line "Hey, Ray's here! Hahaaa!"


Actress Patricia Heaton was pregnant at the time of filming for this episode, so she only appeared in one short scene at the end of the episode.

This is the first time the lodge is shown.

This episode is one of the very few times there is an emotional scene between Frank and Marie.


  • Frank: "And what's with Correlli saying he likes me hot with marshmallows?"
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