Everybody Loves Raymond
Frank Barone
Frank Barone.jpg
Full Name Francis Oscar Barone
Actor/Actress Peter Boyle
First Appearance Season 1 Episode 1
Number of episodes 207
Relatives Grandfather - Salvatore
Aunts/Uncles - Mario Barone, Ciccio Barone, Federico Barone, Sarina Barone
Father - Joseph
Siblings - Uncle Mel
Wife - Marie
Sons - Ray, Robert
Grandchildren - Ally, Michael, Geoffrey
In-Laws - Debra, Amy, Alda
Mother - Nonny Barone

Francis Oscar "Frank" Barone(born October 18th 1932) was the husband of Marie, the father of Ray and Robert, father-in-law to Debra and Amy, and the grandfather to Ally, Michael, and Geoffrey in Everybody Loves Raymond. He was a retired bookkeeper, real estate agent, and accountant. He was played by the late Peter Boyle

Childhood and Background[]

Frank was born on October 18th 1932 (Peter Boyle's real-life birthday was October 18, 1935). It was revealed in the episode "Leg Therapy" that he was disciplined heavily as a child, mentioning that his father, Joseph, formerly known as “Albert Barone”, "hit him every day". Frank is a war veteran, having served in the US Army in the 1950-1953 Korean War, a fact that he constantly refers to throughout the series, recalling times of survival and how he came to be a man. After the war, Frank proposed to Marie after tasting her home-cooked braciole, advising her to marry him "for her own good." In "Security," Frank states that his mental voice had told him not to do so, but he ignored it, noting that now he was "stuck with a great big voice." They married in 1957, shortly after Marie became pregnant with Robert. His youngest son, Raymond, was born in 1960. His son pretended to be him in "Anniversary flashback".

Frank worked as a book for a number of years, and also, for an unspecified period, for a firm known as Pelk Accounting, from which he was fired. At the time Ray and Debra purchased the house opposite from Frank and Marie, Frank was still a registered real estate agent. When Ray and Robert were teenagers, up until the first season, Frank drove a 1972 Plymouth Valiant. He was largely an absentee figure in his son's childhood, working long hours. Thus, he displayed virtually no paternal affection.

Frank never severely disciplined Ray and Robert, despite the fact that his father and grandfather were physically abusive disciplinarians. He stated: "I was always weaker than him", to which Robert replied "maybe you didn't want to be like him." which Frank solemnly confirmed.


Throughout the series, Frank is uncompromising, overly masculine, and shiftless. He was seen sitting quite comfortably with his pants undone in the black leather armchair in Ray and Debra's sitting room, or else at home, sitting in the kitchen reading the paper, and ordering Marie to prepare his meals. He was a cantankerous and unpleasant man who has no problem with criticizing or openly offending family members and outsiders, in particular his wife, Marie. He calls men, particularly Ray and Robert, names like "Nancy", "Shirley", "Peaches", and "Mary" as they do not live up to his standards of what it takes to be a man. It was also revealed that he ran over Robert's toe with his car when the latter was only ten (and he doesn't recall the incident).

Frank readily advocates a rigidly macho, tough guy image. But he does have a soft side that is rarely ever seen, and which he himself denies. For example, in the episode Pet the Bunny, word got out that when Ray and Robert had a bunny, during their childhood, Frank would sit downstairs at night and pet it. When his friends heard about that, they poked fun of him. Stan and Garvin come by his house with a pink bunny doll for Frank to pet.

As well as his open displays of maculinity, Frank possesses socially-conservative values, particularly towards groups like gays, lesbians, hippies, Koreans, and Japanese. He often mutters to himself: "Japanese crap," and refuses any form of oriental cuisine. He also finds the French "annoying". He refuses to accept or acknowledge anything not within the social norm, to which Marie quotes: "Frank lives in blissful ignorance." Much to the chagrin of other characters, Frank is not above illegal or duplicitous activities, such as gambling or operating an illegal cable splitter to steal cable from Ray. Despite his ignorance and his beliefs of masculinity, Frank is not without morals as he did not believe kids should be subjected to physical abusive treatment, such as the kind his father put him through (which his grandfather put his father through). Despite it being a social norm in their time, Frank never laid a hand on his kids as he did not want to be anything like his dad or his granddad.

Frank is famous for his output of hilarious one-liners. His two primary catchphrases that were heard through all nine seasons were: "Holy crap." and "Jeezaloo." Frank is a professional handyman in his spare time, repairing several faults in Ray and Debra's house, including the shower in the first season, and later the staircase in "Frank Goes Downstairs." He was also a history enthusiast, with a particular interest in the American Civil War.

Although he loves Marie, Frank is always teasing her about his supposed attraction to another woman, Harriet Lichmann, Marie's bridge partner. Like Robert, he views Debra as physically attractive; in the episode "P, T, and A", when Debra dresses provocatively, and Frank, Marie, Robert, and Amy come over to Ray and Debra's house in the middle of the PTA meeting, announcing that Frank broke the TV, he says: "It's okay. I like this show."

He has shown to be very caring with his granddaughter Ally, as shown when he first heard she was being intimidated, noting how it bugged him, despite never bothering to help his sons when they were bullied. He was also the only one of the family who was proud when it was revealed Ally was the school-bus bully, viewing her as being tough and reciting a Muhammad Ali chant complimentarily. In "Grandpa Steals," it was revealed that he also cares a great deal of Ally's opinion of him: when she witnessed him quarreling with a worker at the supermarket, he attempted to make it right in order to make Ally no longer feel frightened of him.

Relationship to other characters[]

Memorable Quotes[]

  • RAY: When was the last time you said "I love you"?
  • FRANK (Incredulously): "I love you"?
  • RAY: Yeah.
  • FRANK: What, do you live in a freakin' fairyland or something?

  • FRANK: What the hell's a "bustier"?
  • FRANK: Holy crappin' crap!
  • MARIE: Far be it for me to take his side, but I think it's terrible what's happened to that store. They used to give you free samples all the time And they also used to help you take your bags to the car.
  • FRANK: Now I have to take you to the car myself.
  • MARIE: I was on your side.

  • ROBERT: You ever think about space? Is it really endless? If you had a spaceship, could you go flying and flying through space forever?
  • FRANK: Why don't you give it a shot?

  • MARIE: I guess two of those cannolis just had wings and flew away
  • FRANK: Yeah, well, make another one of those and climb aboard.

  • FRANK: (in tape recording): If I scratch it, it's because it itches!

  • DEBRA: I'm sorry, but we just didn't think this was your kind of party.
  • FRANK: I see booze!
  • DEBRA: This party is kind of just for people who are looking for a spouse.
  • FRANK: I'm in!

  • MARIE: I kept everything from my past relationships.
  • FRANK: She had to. It's tough to throw out a cave painting.

(after Debra talks about a friend with breast implants)

  • MARIE: I just think it's sad when people start using surgery to make themselves bigger.
  • FRANK: Marie did it the natural way. Pound cake!
  • FRANK: Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. My wife thinks I'm in the bathroom.
  • MARIE: When's my birthday?
  • RAY: Uh, uh, uh...
  • MARIE: (sobbing) Oh, my God!
  • RAY: Uh—December 9!
  • FRANK: 1802!

  • MARIE: Look at you. You're a pig. You don't talk; you don't listen. But you love me, Frank.


  • MARIE: Frank?
  • FRANK: (Chewing) You don't need glasses for that.

  • MARIE: (comments on how nobody pays attention to the old lady anymore because of Videotronic games)
  • FRANK: Where can I get some Videotronic games?

  • RAY: Which is why he had to pop out the back panel to get in.
  • MARIE: (to Robert) YOU DRANK?!

  • MARIE: I've got a mind of my own you know, I can contribute I'm not just some... trophy wife!
  • FRANK: You're a trophy wife? What contest in hell did I win?

  • FRANK: I know the guys. We had the type in the War, first lieutenants. You know what friendly fire is? Well, sometimes it wasn't so friendly.
  • RAY: They killed their own guys.
  • FRANK: Not always. Sometimes they just sent them back to college—to the ones without a lot of steps!

  • FRANK: (gets in bed, sees Marie wearing a masque) Jeez!
  • MARIE: Oh, stop it, Frank.
  • FRANK: A guy wants to go to bed and he gets attacked by a Kabuki.

  • FRANK: (to Ray and Robert) You guys gotta get your wives out of my house; they're over there looking at furniture catalogs. I told Marie, "At your age, you shouldn't be looking at any furniture unless it has a lid."