Everybody Loves Raymond
Geoffrey Barone
Portal geoffrey.jpg
Full Name Geoffrey Barone
Actor/Actress Sawyer Sweeten
First Appearance Season 1 Episode 2
"I Love You"
Number of episodes 139
Relatives Father - Ray Barone
Mother - Debra Barone
Siblings - Michael (twin) and Ally Barone
Paternal grandparents - Frank and Marie Barone
Uncle - Robert Barone
Aunts - Amy Barone and Jennifer Whelen
Maternal grandparents - Warren and Lois Whelen

Geoffrey Barone (May 12, 1995-April 23, 2015) is one of the twin sons of Ray and Debra Barone in Everybody Loves Raymond.

Geoffrey is played by actor Sawyer Sweeten, real-life twin brother of Sullivan Sweeten.


Geoffrey Barone is good-natured, easy-going, optimistic, fun-loving, friendly, resourceful, erudite, understanding, brave, adventurous, respectful, outgoing, nice, empathetic, generous, exuberant, organized, fearless, free-spirited, responsible, eager, kind, brainy, astute, relaxed, open-minded and naive.

Relationship to other characters[]


Geoffrey is the one who did the wedgie to Michael. He could be said to be the "bad boy of Everybody Loves Raymond".

He is the Solid Snake to Michael's Liquid, as he canonically contains only dominant genes.