Everybody Loves Raymond
Jennifer Whelen
File:Jennifer Whelen.jpg
Full Name Jennifer Whelen
Actor/Actress Ashley Crow
First Appearance "The Sister"
Number of episodes 1
Relatives Brother-in-law- Ray Barone
Nieces- Ally Barone ,
Nephews Michael Barone, Geoffrey Barone
Father - Warren Whelen
Mother - Lois Whelen
Sister - Debra Barone
Grandmother -Abby

Jennifer Whelen was Debra Barone's older sister. She appeared in only one episode (Season 4, Episode 6: "The Sister"). Little is known about her history. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

Character Background[]

Little is known about Jennifer's early history. Much like her sister Debra, Jennifer lived a wild, unstable life. For a time she became a hippie, living in a nudist commune and smoking pot.

In the actual episode, both Ray and Debra mention that she wore patchouli oil, another reference to the hippie lifestyle she embraced.

In the episode "Separation" (Season 5), Warren Whelen mentions that Jennifer went to college, but as referenced in "The Sister," Jennifer admits that she "was moving around a lot" and wasn't sure of what to do with her life.

Before the events of "The Sister," Jennifer entered a convent and realized that she was ready to settle down and take on the life of a nun. She learned about her move to Zaire and decided to tell Debra and Ray. The episode centers on this news and the Barone family's reactions.

Episode Appearances[]

Season 4[]

"The Sister"[]

Jennifer visits Ray and Debra's home and announces that she is becoming a nun. The news catches them both off-guard; the feelings are reinforced when Jennifer adds that she is about to take her final vows and move to Zaire. Over the course of the day, she watches Debra brood over the news. At dinner, when Jennifer confronts Debra, Debra tearfully admits that she knows she's losing the only sister she ever had, and Jennifer helps Debra begin to come to terms with the news.

Evidently, it didn't take long; after "The Sister," Jennifer was only ever mentioned again once throughout the remainder of the series by Warren in the episode "Separation" although not by name.

Memorable Quotes[]

  • JENNIFER: ...It was just a place were people could get together and grow organic vegetables.
  • DEBRA: ...Naked.
  • MARIE: You handled food naked?
  • ROBERT: That's what makes it organic!
  • DEBRA: Why are you becoming a nun?
  • JENNIFER: Because I want to be better than you.
  • JENNIFER: I've had a few weekends at this.