Joanne Glotz
Full Name Joanne Glotz
Actor/Actress Suzie Plakson
First Appearance Season 4 Episode 24
"Robert's Divorce"
Number of episodes 2
Relatives Ex-Husband - Robert

Joanne "Cinnamon" Glotz Joanne is the ex-sister in law of Ray Barone, and his brother Robert's ex-wife.

Joanne is a red-haired stripper from Atlantic City, as Robert's mother puts it. She did care for Robert but then became an angry, controlling wife.

On the night of the divorce Raymond came for a visit and Joanne didn't want him there, so he offered to leave, but Robert stood up for his brother, causing an argument and Joanne wanting a divorce. She always wanted an excuse for the divorce, and Robert's yelling was the perfect one. Robert and Ray's mother Marie came with a cake and got into the argument. Joanne called Marie an "angry manipulative bitch" Marie lunged for an attack, but Raymond stopped her.

Joanne:" The kind of person you are? You are an angry, pushy, manipulative bitch"

Marie:" You monster! No, you're not a monster; you're a creature!"

Joanne:"I'm not the one being restrained right now"

Marie:" Yeah well I'm not the one who dances topless in Atlantic City!"

Raymond:(opens the door)

Marie:"Someone has to protect this family."

Joanne:(stands outside door)


A year later Raymond refused to help Debra set her friend Amy on a date with Robert, saying he was still gun shy from the divorce. He also mentioned that Joanne left Robert for a man that he arrested.

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