Let's Fix Robert
Season 5
Episode 21
Air Date April 30, 2001
Cast Ray Romano
Director(s) Gary Halvorson
Writer(s) Jennifer Crittenden
Mike Royce
Preceded by Net Worth
Followed by Say Uncle

Let's Fix Robert is the 21st episode of Season 5, and is episode 118 of the full 210 episodes for the entire series.

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When Robert hears that Stefania and Amy have met, he is shocked. Marie hears about it and calls a meeting of Stefania, Amy and Judy to find out what's wrong with Robert and then fix him. Robert is forced to attend. Robert, shocked with it, apologizes to them. Marie then points out that he is not usable anymore and he leaves to Ray's house. He points out the fight and Debra fights with him, telling him that he pictured a perfect woman in his mind and that he dumps every girl that is not pictured like that. Robert admits that Debra is perfect in front of her and Ray, creating an uncomfortable situation.

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