Everybody Loves Raymond
Lois Whelen
Full Name Lois Whelen
Actor/Actress Katherine Helmond
First Appearance "In-Laws"
Number of episodes 14
Relatives Husband - Warren Whelen
Daughter - Debra Barone
Daughter - Jennifer Whelen

Lois Whelen is the wife of Warren and mother to Debra and Jennifer . She is mother-in-law to Raymond and the maternal grandmother to Ally, Michael and Geoffrey.

She and her husband, Warren, love to travel the world and explore new places. This subject is a constant argument that Ray and his family use to tease Debra's parents. A such time is when Ray asked Debra where her parents were going for the Thanksgiving holidays. When Debra responded by saying Turkey, Ray smirked and tried to keep a straight face as Debra admitted that he wouldn't be able to take it and start making fun of her parents. When Debra realized that Ray was stifling a laugh, she got annoyed. Ray responded by saying that it was funny that it was Thanksgiving and that they are going to Turkey, the main meal for Thanksgiving.


Lois is a very kind and caring mother. However, she is very 'fragile' and can be easily insulted.