Meant to Be
Meant To Be
Ray, Debra, Amy and Robert in "Meant To Be"
Season 5
Episode 4
Air Date October 16, 2000
Cast Ray Romano
Director(s) Michael Zinberg
Writer(s) Jennifer Crittenden
Kathy Ann Stumpe
Preceded by Wallpaper
Followed by Pet Cemetery

Meant to Be is the 4th episode of Season 5, and is episode 101 of the full 210 episodes for the entire series.

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Robert has been seeing his ex-wife Joanne, so now with her, Amy and Stefania, three women are interested in Robert. Ray and Frank tell him he has to choose. He decides that he and Amy are "meant to be" and tells her the same at dinner. To start an honest relationship, he confesses about Joanne. Amy gets mad and leaves. Back at home, she complains to Debra and Debra accidentally blurts out about Robert's relationship with Stefania. Amy breaks up with Robert and leaves. Robert then tries to patch-up with Joanne, but she is not interested in a serious relationship. They break-up too. He tries calling Amy to make up, but she repeatedly hangs up on him. In desperation he calls Stefania in Italy, but her father tells him to drop dead.

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