Ray Home Alone
Ally holding the voice recording doll in "Ray Home Alone"
Season 3
Episode 18
Air Date February 22, 1999
Cast Ray Romano
Director(s) Steve Zuckerman
Writer(s) Tom Caltabiano
Preceded by Cruising with Marie
Followed by Big Shots

Ray Home Alone is the 18th episode of Season 3, and is episode 65 of the full 210 episodes for the entire series. In this episode, Debra takes the kids to visit her parents and leaves Ray home alone. Ray quickly realizes how scary an empty house can be.

Episode InformationEdit


Debra decides to take the kids to Connecticut to visit her parents, so Ray is left home alone for the weekend. But he soon realizes how scary a big empty house can be at night and he has trouble sleeping. And the fact that Ally's noise-making toy, a voice recorder doll, was left in his bedroom didn't help.

So he visits Robert's apartment and they get to arguing who is more scared. They inevitably both end up at Frank and Marie's house.

Running GagsEdit

Ray and Robert's wimpiness is mentioned throughout the entire series, and this episode mostly focuses on that issue.


Debra's parents (Warren and Lois) are mentioned in this episode, but neither make an appearance.

Actor and comedian Kevin James had recently gotten his own new show, "The King of Queens", on CBS in which he played a delivery man for IPS, the International Parcel Service. In this episode of Everybody Loves Raymond, he guest stars as his character, Doug Heffernan, from "The King of Queens". It was part of a number of cross-over episodes CBS was doing with their primetime sitcoms: Everybody Loves Raymond, The King of Queens, Cosby, The Nanny, and Becker.


  • Marie: "You sick? You in trouble? Someone bullying you?"
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