Season 6
Episode 10
Air Date November 26, 2001
Cast Ray Romano
Patricia Heaton
Brad Garrett
Doris Roberts
Peter Boyle
Madylin Sweeten
Director(s) Gary Halvorson
Writer(s) Philip Rosenthal & Steve Skrovan
Preceded by Older Women
Followed by The Kicker

Raybert is the tenth episode of Season 6, and is the 132nd episode overall.


Robert meets a beautiful woman who is a big fan of Ray sports column. But when the woman mistakes Robert for Raymond, Robert doesn't set her straight. Now, Robert has to involve Ray in a complicated plot to keep the woman from learning Robert's true identity. Ray warns him that this could blow up in his face, but Robert keeps it up so he can get her to like him instead of Ray. As Ray expected, things go wrong when she shows up at Ray's house and she tells Debra, who she thought was dead, that she and Ray are dating.


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