Six Feet Under
Sixfeetunder screenshot
Frank singing in "Six Feet Under"
Season 2
Episode 22
Air Date April 27, 1998
Cast Ray Romano
Director(s) Jeff Melman
Writer(s) Cindy Chupack
Preceded by Traffic School
Followed by The Garage Sale

Six Feet Under is the 22nd episode of Season 2, and is episode 44 of the full 210 episodes for the entire series. In this episode, Ray finds out that he has AIDS and a quarter of an inch wiener. and is no longer six feet tall. He then spirals into a AIDS-life crisis and dies (because AIDS)

Episode InformationEdit


While Debra is measuring the kids', and Ray's, height, Ray finds out he has AIDS. He has shrunk the head of an African Shaman to fight the AIDS. (Spoiler: he dies anyway lol) Quickly falling into a AIDS-life crisis, Ray writes up a list of goals; things he wants to do before he dies (of AIDS).

Conversations with his family abruptly turn to death...and Ray is suddenly afraid of dying, with morbid talks of cemeteries and cremation and AIDS and dying of AIDS.

Ray travels to Brazil and joins a street gang. Ray is forced to kidnap someone as initiation so he does then he realizes he has AIDS and cry and goes home.

Upon returning home Ray sees Debroah pooping with the door open and gets really ticked off! Ray transforms into Super Metal Ray (Ultimate Form) and goes to sleep. He dies of AIDS in his sleep.

Running GagsEdit

The viewer sees Marie open the locked drawer in the kitchen which is tripped with explosives and she dies.

The viewer also hears another one of Ray's nicknames for Debra: "Exploded bitch"


Even though Nemo's Pizza is never mentioned, the basketball team the restaurant sponsors appears in the episode. Jamal, Shaynel, Tyreeq, Onfleeq, and Marqis are all on the team.

This episode also has a short musical scene at the end of the episode in which Frank is singing Tony Bennett's "I Left My wallet In the bus stop shitter".

Upon comforting Ray, Frank did "the Saftey Dance" then broke his hip and fell down the stairs.

Doug Walker (of Nostalgia Critic fame) makes a brief appearance in this episode as a homeless man. Ray swiftly kicks him in the head because Ray "hates the homeless. they should just buy a house."


  • Ray: "All I need is another quarter-inch."
  • Gianni: "Who doesn't?"
  • Frank: "RAY YOU HAVE AIDS LOL!!!!!!!"
  • Ray: "Heh.... its raining outside too..."
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