The Garage Sale
Screenshot thegaragesale.jpg
Ray taking the crib back in "The Garage Sale"
Season 2
Episode 23
Air Date May 4, 1998
Cast Ray Romano
Director(s) Jeff Melman
Writer(s) Ellen Sandler
Preceded by Six Feet Under
Followed by The Wedding: Part 1

The Garage Sale is the 23rd episode of Season 2, and is episode 45 of the full 210 episodes for the entire series. In this episode, the Barones have a garage sale. And when Debra wants to sell all their old baby stuff, Ray tells her he still wants more children.

Episode Information[edit | edit source]

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Frank decides to have a garage sale. Among the things that Debra puts out for the sale is the kids old baby stuff. Ray is hesitant to sell the baby items because he's not sure if he wants more children. But Debra says they're done with having kids. So the discussion continues in the yard during the sale.

Running Gags[edit | edit source]

This is the earliest instance of Marie making mention that she wanted Robert to be a girl. This same thing is mentioned a couple times through the series.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Robert's dog Shamsky makes an appearance in this episode.

The neighbor Mrs. Scarpula is mentioned a few times throughout the series, but this is the only time the audience actually gets to see her.

It's unknown whether or not it's meant to be a tribute to The Three Stooges, but at different times during the yard sale, Frank refers to Ray and Robert as "porcupines", "chuckleheads" and "numbskulls"...all of which were commonly used names/insults by the Stooges.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • Frank: "We're having a garage sale. No, no, better. Make it a yard sale. That's classier."
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