The Skit
The Skit
Season 6
Episode 17
Air Date March 4, 2002
Cast Ray Romano
Patricia Heaton
Brad Garrett
Doris Roberts
Peter Boyle
Madylin Sweeten
Director(s) Gary Halvorson
Writer(s) Philip Rosenthal & Lew Schneider
Preceded by Lucky Suit
Followed by The Breakup Tape

The Skit is the seventieth episode of Season 6, and is the 139th episode overall.


Thinking it would be hilarious to show the partygoers a typical day in the life of Frank and Marie, Ray and Debra do a dead-on impersonation of the two that brings down the house at the party. But, when Frank and Marie turn the tables and do a "Ray and Debra" imitation, Ray and Debra don't find it funny at all.


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