The Walk to the Door
Season 5
Episode 7
Air Date November 6, 2000
Cast Ray Romano
Director(s) Asaad Kelada
Writer(s) Tucker Cawley
Preceded by The Author
Followed by Young Girl

The Walk to the Door is the 7th episode of Season 5, and is episode 104 of the full 210 episodes for the entire series.

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When Ray learns that he will be seeing an old girlfriend, Elizabeth, at a wedding, he confesses to the family that he regrets that after their first date 25 years ago he did not walk her to her door. During the wedding reception he meets her and apologizes to her. She replies that she doesn't even remember the incident and laughs at the thought that he might have been waiting 25 years to tell her. In an effort to irritate Ray, Debra orders him to describe one regret he has in his relationship with her. At a loss, he steals one from Robert, but gets caught. Debra tells Ray that sometimes she regrets marrying him, but not all the time. Marie confesses that she set up the date Ray had with Elizabeth, and Ray realizes that it was a pity date, and that he was a pathetic loser back then. Then he confronts her and tells her off. But then we hear that that it did upset Elizabeth after all.

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