Everybody Loves Raymond
(This article is about Debra's father. For Ray's old friend from high school, see Warren (friend).)
Warren Whelen
Warren Whelen.jpg
Full Name Warren Whelen
Actor/Actress Robert Culp
First Appearance "In-Laws"
Number of episodes 11
Relatives Wife - Lois Whelen
Daughter - Debra Barone
Daughter - Jennifer Whelen

Warren Whelen is played by actor Robert Culp. Warren is portrayed as the pretentious and adventurous sightseeing husband of Lois Whelen and father of Debra Barone and Jennifer.

During the series Warren and Lois are generally avoided by the Barones, except for Debra, who is frustrated by both Ray's and Marie's immature attitudes towards their in-laws. Warren is a loving father toward Debra, although Debra and her sister, Jennifer, as well as Ray refer to him as having "drinking problems".

Character Background[]


Warren enjoys the finer things in life, and often looks down upon those who don't. He enjoys traveling around the world.

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