Whose Side Are You On?
Whose Side Are You On
Debra and Marie in "Whose Side Are You On?"
Season 8
Episode 13
Air Date February 2, 2004
Cast Ray Romano

Patricia Heaton Brad Garrett Doris Roberts Peter Boyle Madylin Sweeten Sawyer Sweeten Sullivan Sweeten

Director(s) Kenneth Shapiro
Writer(s) Mike Royce
Preceded by Slave
Followed by Lateness

Whose Side Are You On? is the 13th episode of Season 8, and is episode 184nd of the full 210 episodes for the entire series.

Episode InformationEdit


Debra and the children bet against Raymond all the time. He is upset when he finds out because they make fun of him. Then he remembers that Marie used to do things like that with him and Robert about their father when they were young.

Running GagsEdit



  • RAY: Listen, Dad. Uh in the past, I may have been under the impression that you were maybe not such a good guy. But I'm starting to think that I may have been led to believe that you were worse than you are.
  • FRANK: Okay?
  • RAY: So I'm thinking that maybe you're not so bad. I... I guess I just wanted you to know that.
  • FRANK: Am I dying?
  • RAY: No, Dad, you're not dying.
  • FRANK: Then turn the TV back on.

  • RAY: Dad, Mom's the reason that I think you're cheap and bald!
  • FRANK: You didn't get that on your own?
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