Young Girl
Season 5
Episode 8
Air Date November 13, 2000
Cast Ray Romano
Director(s) Michael Zinberg
Writer(s) Tom Caltabiano
Aaron Shure
Preceded by The Walk to the Door
Followed by Fighting In-Laws

Young Girl is the 8th episode of Season 5, and is episode 105 of the full 210 episodes for the entire series.

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Robert dates a 22-year-old girl named Erica. Ray and Frank are excited to meet her, but Debra and Marie are personally offended. Debra is upset, but Ray just wants to drop it. Debra pretends to be alright with it as she doesn't want to be like Marie. After a disastrous birthday party (Frank's), Ray, Debra, Robert and Erica go out for dinner. Frank won't stop flirting with Erica. Erica and Robert invite Ray and Debra on a double-date. While Ray and Robert are away, Debra discovers that the girl is just 19. Debra is horrified. And tells Debra. When Ray and Robert learns this, they are shocked. Ray and Debra then find out that Robert had told her that he is 35, not 43, and that Ray is 37. Erica breaks up with Robert. Robert angrily condemns Debra. The three remaining three finish their meals. During this, they discuss the conversational topics of the middle-aged.

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